Meal Prep Menu

Healthy Meal Prep Menu

All Meats are natural, free range, no hormones or antibiotics. Our vegetables are seasonal, fresh and local. Join our mailing list for weekly Special menu selections, upcoming events, discounts and more!

This menu is very special. It is ideal for accelerated weight loss, detox, and certainly part of a healthy lifestyle when integrated with other foods. Since we do not use any sauces (selections are gluten free, dairy free and low sodium), it will not overstimulate the palate—which in the case of a detox program is a very efficient method for recalibrating taste buds as well as improving digestion and assimilation of nutrients. When we eat to fuel our bodies, rather than feeding our conditioned response for taste, we tend to eat less, therefore reducing the digestive load. This heart healthy menu is compromised of natural, lean protein sources, small amounts of complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and high in mineral rich vegetables. You will feel lighter, more energetic, mental clarity, sugar & food cravings will disappear. What’s there not to love?

Light & Lean

Moist Roasted, sliced breast of chicken (6oz) in natural juices with lemon & herb infusion. Served with Organic quinoa & Steamed broccoli… 13.95

Grilled Chicken Paillard (6oz) Thinly pounded breast of chicken, served with steamed escarole, brown basmati rice and a side of fresh tomato bruschetta… 13.95

Homemade Turkey Burger served with steamed seasonal vegetables and baked yam… 11.95

Grilled Hangar steak (6oz) served with baked yam & steamed broccoli… 15.95

Grilled Hangar Steak (6oz) served over shredded zucchini pasta… 15.95

Grilled Veal Paillard with steamed asparagus & brown rice with fresh tomato bruschetta 21.95 Roasted ground Bison with fresh herbs, served with Organic quinoa & Broccoli… 22.95

Shredded zucchini “pasta” topped with 6oz thinly sliced grilled chicken in natural juices… 11.95

Poached Salmon served with fresh lemon & steamed escarole (oil free)… 13.99

Grilled Salmon lightly drizzled with extra virgin olive oil served with Organic quinoa… 13.99

Filet of Cod lightly steamed with cherry tomatoes, garlic and fresh herbs, served with steamed broccoli… 13.99

Lean & Flavorful

(GF indicates gluten free)

We feel that food should be an experience… for the body, and the mind. This unique menu is designed to give you the best of both worlds. Whole, unprocessed foods that are flavorful, nutrient dense and less restrictive than our Light & Lean Menu. The selections allow you to experience the benefits of clean eating while satisfying your desire for flavor and richness with every bite. You will never feel deprived as you reach, sustain & maintain optimal health and vitality

Clara’s Turkey Meatloaf (6oz) – 93% lean ground turkey with fresh tomatoes, bread crumbs, Woschestire Sauce, onions & extra virgin olive oil. Served with baked yams and steamed broccoli… 12.95

Chicken Sausage & Peppers – served with brown rice… 12.95

Chicken Balsamico – (Breast of chicken in balsamic vinegar reduction) served with brown rice 13.95

Chicken Sage – (natural breast of chicken with fresh sage and white wine reduction) served with sautéed broccoli raab 13.95

Hangar steak in a balsamic Vinegar reduction (6oz), served with baked yam & steamed broccoli… 15.95 Beef Bolognese over Brown Rice… 12.95 GF

Turkey Meatballs over whole wheat pasta 12.95

Shredded zucchini “pasta” 11.95 (GF) topped with choice of the following:

1- 6oz thinly sliced grilled chicken and low fat, low sodium Marinara Sauce

2- 6oz grilled chicken, homemade basil pesto

3- Beef Bolognese (12.95)


Dressing choices: House Balsamic, Caesar, honey mustard, ranch.

Caesar Salad – Crisp Romaine lettuce with thinly shaved Parmesean cheese. Choice of homemade Caesar dressing or house balsamic… 6.95 Add Grilled chicken 3.00

Teresa’s Tricolor Salad – Arugula, Belgian endive and radicchio with thinly shaved Parmesean cheese… 6.95 Add grilled chicken for 3.00 (Light & Lean Menu- made without cheese)

Garden Salad – Crisp Romaine, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion & hard boiled eggs… 6.95 Add grilled chicken 3.00 extra (Light & Lean Menu Item)

Lean Chef Salad – Low sodium Turkey (4oz), fat free Swiss (Lifetime cheese) over crisp romaine with cucumbers & cherry tomatoes… 8.95

Mediterranean Chicken Salad Crisp -Romaine lettuce topped with homemade roasted peppers, Grilled chicken breast and choice of mozzarella or Fat Free Swiss (Lifetime Cheese)… 8.95 Light & Lean Menu selection… salad will be prepared without cheese.

Mediterranean Balsamic Chicken Salad – Crisp Romaine lettuce topped with homemade roasted peppers, Grilled chicken breast and choice of mozzarella or Fat Free Swiss (Lifetime Cheese)… 10.95

Light & Lean Mediterranean Chicken Salad – Crisp romaine topped with homemade roasted peppers & grilled chicken (NO CHEESE) 8.95

Mediterranean Steak Salad Crisp – Romaine lettuce topped with homemade roasted peppers, 4oz grilled hangar steak and Fat Free Swiss (Lifetime Cheese)… 13.95


(Whole grain Wraps)

Grilled Milanese wrap -Choice of Grilled Chicken breast OR Turkey breast, arugula, tomato, red onion and thinly shaved Parmesean cheese… 7.50

Lean Turkey wrap -Low sodium Turkey, Swiss, lettuce tomato, red onion, low fat mayo & mustard… 7.50

Ella Wrap -grilled chicken breast, mozzarella cheese & homemade basil pesto… 7.50

Mediterranean wrap -Grilled chicken, homemade roasted peppers, and mozzarella… 7.50

Breakfast/ Sides

Egg white Frittata (6 egg whites) with seasonal vegetables… 7.99

Teresa’s “French Toast” Egg white & Oats… 6 egg whites sweetened with Stevia, cinnamon & Vanilla, topped with Sugar free Maple Syrup and a side of old fashioned oats 9.99

Protein Muffin -2.99

Protein Peanut butter Cup Oats -(chocolate protein powder & organic Peanut butter- tbs) 16g protein… 6.99

Peanut butter Dream Oats -(Peanut butter protein, organic creamy peanut butter, cinnamon) 15g protein 6.99

Protein Snickerdoodle -Oats (Vanilla Protein Powder & cinnamon) 15g protein

Protein Chocolate Chip Cookie… 3.99

Gluten Free Protein Chocolate Chip Cookie… 3.99

Side Yam 2.00 Side brown rice – 2.00

Side Organic Quinoa – 2.00

Side Broccoli – 2.00 (steamed)

Side Spinach – 4.00 (steamed)

Side escarole – 2.00 (steamed)

Side Asparagus -4.00 (steamed)

Plain Old Fashioned Oats -1.99