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The ardor behind The Flying Fit Meals hails from a long line of passion for food. Beginning with her parents Tony and Clara Grande’s vision of bringing fine Italian fare to the masses in the late 1970’s, Teresa constantly witnessed the impact food had on all types of people. However, it wasn’t just any food – it was high quality cuisine. Chef Tony and Clara never compromised on the quality of their ingredients, their paramount service, or the caring with which they treated every patron who entered the premises. Seeing how her parents’ work left a tremendous impression on patrons, Teresa experienced how food could nourish the body, mind, and spirit.
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Growing up, Teresa was always involved in sports, fitness, and nutrition, which fueled a new fire. She acted as a personal trainer and a nutritional consultant for over fifteen years, helping others to improve their health. During this time, she was also a pastry chef, first at Il Capriccio, then at La Famiglia, creating sumptuous treats and providing the same care to patrons as her parents had for so many years.
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Upon the inception of The Flying Meatballs, Teresa’s passion for fitness fused with her love of providing sustenance. This time, however, it wasn’t with a pastry bag or muffin tins. This time, personal trainers who had known her and respected her years-long dedication and discipline to physical fitness sought her out. They needed meals on the go, but they had to be healthy so they could build muscle. Taste was more of an after thought. However, Teresa wanted to provide them with the best of both worlds, knowing that the combination would be wonderful. She combined her astute knowledge of fitness and health with the high quality ingredients and flavor her parents’ had so impressed upon her and crafted meals specifically designed to meet the needs of her clients.
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Word then spread like wildfire. Trainers began recommending their clients, who then brought their teen athletes, wives, husbands, children with dietary restrictions to Teresa. With each person, Teresa keenly listened to their stories, their reservations, their ambitions and excitedly set about customizing a menu that was tailored to each and every request. Whether it was low sodium to control Hypertension, vegetarian to accommodate religious practice, or gluten-free to protect Celiac’s patients, Teresa always poured her heart and knowledge into every single meal, each one burst with creativity in maintaining flavor without sacrificing health.
With The Flying Fit Meals, Teresa will address your needs and concerns to help you feel like the healthiest, happiest you. She wants to give you every chance to accomplish your goals, one fit meal at a time. From our family to yours, buon appetito!
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To assist you on your journey to optimal health and wellness, Teresa offers consulting for a custom designed, structured nutrition and fitness program. For more information, contact Teresa 973-214-8438 or via email.
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Delivery available from a 3rd party delivery service, paid separately from the meal service. If you wish to have meals delivered, please call 973.309.5755.



Meal Prep Pick up Days:

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays.

 Orders must be placed 3 days prior to your scheduled pick up date– no exceptions.
 Tuesdays Pick up orders must be submitted by the Thursday before no later than 4pm.
Thursday pick up orders must be submitted by Mondays no later than 4pm.
Saturday Pick up orders must be submitted by Tuesdays no later than 4pm
 Any orders sent after 4pm will not be filled with the standard 3 day requirement.


-If you would like your meals selected for you, please see Teresa for additional service charges.
– Nutrition Consulting available.
– Please submit all meal prep orders via email to– make sure you get a confirmation email.
– If you are texting a question/ request, please be mindful to do so between 8am-6pm.  Any other communication can be made via email.
– Delivery.  We currently have a gentleman that delivers our meals.  You are responsible for paying him directly.  If you would like his name, contact Teresa.
Thank you in advance for following our updated procedures, we are attempting to serve you better, and can only do so with structured procedures in place.  We are a family run operation and do everything by hand:)
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You can also call our store front 973-884-8600. 

Order Meals


**Currently, delivery is unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience and if this changes we will send out an email.**

 Contact Teresa for details. 973-214-8438

 Custom designed meal and weight loss programs are available.
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