The Italian Grandmother You Wish You Had

The Flying Meatballs Market, located at 101 Route 10 West in East Hanover NJ, is your one stop shop for authentic Italian goods. You can find fully prepared meals to take home for dinner for yourself, or the whole family, to enjoy. The owners of The Flying Meatballs Market are authentic Italians born and raised, so you can be sure your food has the authentic Italian TLC. You can also stop in for a hot dish for lunch, whether you want a sandwich, pasta dish, dinner entree, delectable dessert, or some cold cuts, The Flying Meatballs Market has whatever your taste buds are craving.

The Flying Meatballs Market also offered customized prepared meal service. In this day and age, a busy lifestyle is the norm for most people, and this usually leads to lack of attention and detail to the most essential part of our lives – our food, which is our fuel. Our clients will often order an entire week of meals in advance, and either pick them up or have them delivered right to their doorstep. We can customize your week of meals to cater to your needs, whether you have dietary restrictions, or if you have lifestyle and fitness goals. For example, we can prepare meals that are gluten free, low sodium, or whatever your needs may be. This service is affordable and convenient for you. sims freeplay hack apk